Today’s Project: See My Town As A Tourist

Well, that was a fool’s errand but entertaining. I mean how on earth could I look at my city without seeing it through the memory ghosts?


Fav Vancouver Fun

Early morning, the air is crisp and new and you have the Stanley Park sea wall almost to yourself , this morning, if you’re lucky, you will share it with a stray coyote trotting home after a night hunt.

No Fun Vancouver

5 days a week I passed the dark man who never failed to move me as few street people have, and he was most clearly a member of that tribe. He sat under the Burrard St. bridge on a chair in the community garden, leaning his elbows on his thighs looking down at the ground…

Poets, Horses and a Friend Day

Sometimes the simple days are the best, eh? On my way to meet my friend, Meri, I spotted some strange stuff in my fav tree. This tree is so magnificent all the other trees in Vancouver (and there are a lot of trees in this city… you almost can’t see the city for the trees)…