Poets, Horses and a Friend Day

Sometimes the simple days are the best, eh?

On my way to meet my friend, Meri, I spotted some strange stuff in my fav tree. This tree is so magnificent all the other trees in Vancouver (and there are a lot of trees in this city… you almost can’t see the city for the trees) are jealous. So of course I had to investigate… and people wonder why I am always late. Well now you know – I am investigating. You can imagine my delight when I discovered that poets had claimed the tree and were urging people to add their poems to the rope. It was sooo hard to not just plunk right down and start poeting. (new verb)

Meri on her trusty steed.

Meri on her trusty steed.



Finally I dragged myself away and after a quick stop at the grocer to pick up a huge bag of carrots I met up with my awesome friend, Meri.  I was so excited! Our great adventure was to visit the Vancouver Police horses!  Meri has the inside track and was going to slip me in and I was also going to use the carrots to bribe my targets.







On the way we discovered the bee sanctuary. As most of you know the bee population is on a downward spiral, which, if not stopped, will cause us to downward spiral into oblivion. So the city of Vancouver has put up these bee condos and urged the citizens to do the same. Sweet that they get a free condo in this market.

Bees Bee's knees tucked into the garden.

Merlin (aka London) and Turbo

Merlin (aka London) and Turbo

There’s a cool story about Merlin and Turbo. The VPD Mounted Squad helped during the 2011 riots in Vancouver and London Drugs management was so moved by their efforts to bring order to the chaos they decided to donate $7000 to the squad. From those funds they were to buy a horse and after a nation-wide search they decided that Merlin, from Calgary, was the right fit. The problem was that his owner stipulated that he wouldn’t sell Merlin with out his buddy Turbo. period. Ok then. So now they have two new horses. They even renamed Merlin to London but no one seems to use it. You can go check it out on London Drugs blog (does everyone have a blog these days?).

What a wonderful day – poets, trees, bees, friend, horses, coffee. Thank you Meri!

7 thoughts on “Poets, Horses and a Friend Day

  1. Lovely post, made me smile. Will you share the result of your poeting with us, please? I’m assuming you won’t resist adding a little something to the poet-tree …


  2. Nice post here! Love the pictures. Those horses are beautiful. I have read the same about the bee population. I hope we can fix this problem before it becomes too late.


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