First Day of My Vancouver Island Vacation!

Monday, June 5/17

On my first official day of vacation I found myself on the deck of my wee cabin located about 150 k from Victoria, BC. As the mid-afternoon sun creeps over the front it warms my feet. The drive from Victoria has worn me out and I doze off.

The main house, about 1/2 block away… close enough should I need assistance but far enough that we both have privacy especially with the lattice at the end of my deck. This won’t be one of those social AirBnBs and that’s ok. I can roll with either. After a particularly social weekend I am grateful for the solitude.

I look out over the pasture and the forests that spread out almost to the Strait of Georgia which I can just see on the horizon.

Well isn’t this just a slice of rural paradise?

Later the 2 horses amble up from the lower pasture for a drink of water – seriously? Could it get more bucolic? Ok maybe some baby goats. I feel the stress lodged in my neck and shoulders ease off.

This place is a negative ion factory.

Later I get energetic and wander down the road to the forest by the grade school – could there be a better place for a school? It is surrounded by forest so they are able to wander down the path with teachers and parents! Sweet. As I amble along soaking up the moist green air the rest of my stress melts away.

Nothing like a rain forest to soften the sharp edges of reality and easing me into different perspective.

I finish my day with a glass (or 2) of wine, reading and watching the horses looking for their dinner. Day lingers well into the double digits, seducing me to linger until the chill chases me inside to the cozy bed with comforters and comfy pillows. Tomorrow will be an early start to catch the ferry at Port Alberni to go to Bamfield and my next adventure. I fall asleep to quiet, broken only a few times by an equine foot kicking the stable door… making me smile.

A little side trip to Coombs, BC

My little hide-away in Errington, BC

The Interpretive Forest Walk

If you are interested in learning more about this AirBnB: Carol will be happy to hook you up! I highly recommend it. If you have questions please feel free to contact me.








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