Costa Rica… the night before I leave.

I think that I should have started this last year when the concept was morphing from 2 weeks in Panama to 6 weeks in Costa Rica but crone time is a speeding bullet and often it is all I can do is to hang o, close my eyes and hope for the best.

In my “Who is this Chick” I go into what my latest focus is but in a nutshell I am trying to find a place I can afford to retire to, where I feel connected to… on a beach where it is warm all the time. Easy-peasy, right? Well I’ll keep you posted. This was supposed to be the year of Namibia & elephants volunteering but maybe next year.

So, last spring. Started talking about Panama to people and they’re going “oh yeah?” Flat. Then I run into a co-worker who just got back from Costa Rica and she’s like “OHMYGAWD!!!!!!!!YOU HAVE TO GO!!!!!!”. Really? Are you sure? She went to this fascinating animal refuge on the Caribbean coast run by this amazing woman, the place is called Jaguar Rescue Centre even though there are never any Jaguars there… I know I got excited too about the thought of Jaguars. darn. Ok I think, this has more energy around it, lets see where this takes me.

A week later I am admiring someone’s new puppy and we get talking about animals… volunteering.. maybe going to Costa Rica… “OHMYGAWD YOU HAVE TO GO AND CHECK OUT JAGUAR RESCUE CENTER!!!” Really? Hmmmm

This is what I saw when I found their web site:

Jaguar Centro de Rescate

I almost bought the ticket on the spot!

Some time later I am at the Trout Lake Farmers Market in line at the Roaming Dragon food truck when I turn to find an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages with her family. So they invite me to their blanket for lunch where the discussion of travel invariable arises. Their daughter works up north all year except for 2 or 3 months where she lives… wait for it… no its not Jaguar Rescue Center… but it is Costa Rica. Her and her partner have been going there for years and love it and are starting a catering company.

So I’m thinking the Goddess wants me to visit Costa Rica, hell I’m just about ready to move there sight unseen.

At this point I’m thinking maybe 3 weeks, 4 tops. But then Jaguar indicates ever so gently that they would appreciate at least basic Spanish from their volunteers. Yikes! I can get a beer and keep beef away from the table but that is it. I told them I would do my best to learn some. So I signed up for an evening class full of trepidations… I don’t do well with languages, scarred in childhood, you know? But I continue to troll the net looking for options when I find Proyecto Asis located in the Florencia district. Next thing I know I am signed up for 2 weeks of Spanish in the morning and volunteering with the animals in the afternoon all while staying with a local family.

So 2 weeks Proyecto Asis, 3 weeks Jaguar… 1 week of … well I don’t know, I might just find a beach bed and order cerveza and no carne…


costa_rica (Photo credit: oenvoyage)

3 thoughts on “Costa Rica… the night before I leave.

  1. Have a wonderful trip, Donnae! I’ll look forward to checking in on your adventures and can’t wait to hear about it all in person when you’re back.
    (Pet a jaguar for me. Tell him Brucecat says hi.)



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