OHMYGODDESS!!! And I Missed It :(

I have now been to Kitengela Glass in Kenya twice, once for a month and recently for 3 months. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was in some kind of Twilight Zone alternate reality. I soon began to expect crazy and not bat an eye when the shit would hit the fan. But this? When I started getting Darren’s videos my mind was blown.

First Night in Luxor

By the time the Ashwan-Luxor train spit me out, the sky was a breath away from dusk. By the time I made it from the station to the promenade along the Nile, the lights were shining off the water and the warmth of the day was seeping away.

Yellow Wood Forest’s Magical Kingdom

One of Morgan Bay’s jewels is a campground/cottages/restaurant combo called Yellow Wood Forest. It was started 20 years ago by hippie types and has grown into an Morgan Bay institution. It is a sprawling place with camp spots tucked between the trees and some eclectic cottages and dorms sprinkled around. The river runs through the…