Yellow Wood Forest’s Magical Kingdom

One of Morgan Bay’s jewels is a campground/cottages/restaurant combo called Yellow Wood Forest. It was started 20 years ago by hippie types and has grown into an Morgan Bay institution. It is a sprawling place with camp spots tucked between the trees and some eclectic cottages and dorms sprinkled around. The river runs through the property make it lush and green.

 Many years ago the pizza oven was built by a visiting Buddhist who made them promise to never cook meat in it and they have honored that promise since. You can get meat on your pizza but it is cooked after in the regular stove. 

Having heard their pizzas were legendary I walked down for lunch one day. Pizza was not bad and I got to watch the vervet monkeys in the trees and the chickens trying to steal my pizza. 





Plastic bottles filled with garbage.

I loved seeing all the environmentally friendly project around the place. They use plastic water/pop bottles as waste bins and once they are stuffed, they use them to build walls and stuff.





While momentary thinking I might want to go for a hike, (blame the wine 🙂 ) I read about a ‘family friendly’ hike at Yellow Wood where I would find the Faery Grotto. Hmmmm ok, I’m a sucker for a Faery Grotto and figured if a 7 year old could do the hike I could, eh? So after my pizza I went off to check it out.

Well the ‘hike’ was a meander through the woods, over a stream with little educational signs about how trees are our friends and this plant does this etc etc. Beyond charming!


Then a sign announced I had arrived! I swear I could hear faint giggles emanating from the foliage.  

The Grotto was very sweet, with little figurines tucked into the ferns creating a touch of magic for kids… and me. As I wandered inspecting the statues of faeries and animals I got an idea. I decided I just might add to the magic!

So over the rest of my time at Morgan Bay I crocheted  my bright little hearts and colored plastic bottles and cut them to make wind twirls. On my last day I made my way back to the Faery Grotto with my stash. Grinning, I carefully hung my treasures, imagining the kids (and the faeries!) discovering them and thinking maybe the faeries left them. 

As I was walking out a father and 3 young kids were walking in and I told them to make sure to look for the Faery Grotto. The kids got very excited and the Dad looked confused. I do that to adults sometimes. 

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