OHMYGODDESS!!! And I Missed It :(

I have now been to Kitengela Glass in Kenya twice, once for a month and recently for 3 months. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was in some kind of Twilight Zone alternate reality. I soon began to expect crazy and not bat an eye when the shit would hit the fan. But this? When I started getting Darren’s videos my mind was blown.

It happened 11 days after I left Kitengela, just 6 days after Nani’s beloved Eric passed on. The day the python moved into Nani’s kitchen ceiling. Now the guys had spotted two pythons from the swinging bridge when I was still there.  They were sunning themselves part way up the gorge. I was so excited even though they were too far away to really see, it was the idea that they were there, so close!.

Now the thing you should know is Nani has hyraxes and bushbabies living in her kitchen ceiling… she actually leaves food out for them at night. So you can imagine that the python likely thought he died and gone to snack heaven when he discovered that ceiling. And as expected, you can here Nani in the background saying I would have kept it. Hmmmmm no, I don’t think so Nani, you are too fond of the little critters that it eats.

When I started getting the videos from Darren I was so jealous, I can’t tell you. But I am grateful to him for taking the time to send them while it was happening so I felt like I was almost there. And since I was missing them all anyways, being able to hear and see them in action was special, above and beyond the most awesome snake ever.

So I put them together so it is just one video but originally there were 5… so you can imagine me sitting in Pretoria, waiting for the next one to arrive.

Video credit to Darren Collins.


10 thoughts on “OHMYGODDESS!!! And I Missed It :(

  1. It has always facinated me that these beautiful creatures which symbolize rebirth and the creative force also terrify many of us! Take care little buddy!


  2. Oh my!! We had python in our backyard in Sri Lanka – the dogs alerted us to it and a “snake catcher man” came to get it and took it away in a basket. I’m not a huge fan of snakes and I think we have been “trained” to be scared of them.



    • I am lucky, my mom made it a point not to ever show fear towards snakes and spiders around me. I worked better with the former than the latter, I’m afraid. I just think they are so beautiful and important to the ecosystems. My friend Kerry left an excellent comment about how they symbolise rebirth and creativity.


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