Pet Sitting


Ted in Victoria, BC

I have travelled the world pet sitting and loved it so much I decided to start my own pet sitting service. I bring literally a world of experience to the table and my passion for animals – wild and domestic – is legendary. It is no exaggeration that I will care for your fur babies as I would my own.

As I’m sure you know putting pets in a kennel can be really hard on them, especially for an extended amount of time. It is hard enough on them when you leave but at least they have me in their home, which goes a long way to lessening the stress for them. Also,  insurance companies feel a lot better when your house is not sitting empty. The service I am offering is that I live in your home full time and take care of it and your pets.

Nela in White Rock, BC


My base rate is $50/day includes one pet, housekeeping and watering the garden. I will come a day before you leave (no charge) to make sure there’s a  smooth transition. You will be confident I will have the necessary knowledge needed to insure your pets and home are safe and sound while you are away. To book I will need half the fee unless I have to fly, in which case all of it would be expected.

The cancellation policy is 14 day + I will return half the deposit, unless there are flights (for me) involved, in that case the full deposit will be forfeit. Less than 14 days, the deposit will be forfeit.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have. You can fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Here are a few posts about my pet sitting adventures:
Jerusalem, First Impressions
Heavenly Hermanus

I am currently located in Gibsons, BC but since I am living in my bus, I am able to go anywhere in BC. Once our borders are opened I will be able to go further afield.

Some of my fur babies!




These are some of my reviews for previous pet sits.

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