Today’s Project: See My Town As A Tourist

Dec. 27/16

Well, that was a fool’s errand but entertaining. I mean how on earth could I look at my city without seeing it through the memory ghosts? I’ve been here so long all I remember of my early days is being overwhelmed. Even then I was seeing with domestic immigrant eyes, not visitor ones.

No worries, it was fun and I got to shop in peace. For such a major street it was strangely quiet for being the day after Boxing Day. Obviously everyone had a shopping hangover and were detoxing somewhere.

Granville St. in Vancouver is the epi center of ‘entertainment’, read: lots of bars and theatres and such where people go at night and dance and get drunk. Fun.

So there I was, 11am, in the rain, wandering along taking pictures and trying to see the street with fresh eyes. I was also on a mission to find new favorite jeans and maybe an umbrella that didn’t look like it survived a multi-car pille-up. Scored on the former and bombed on the latter. But! (and I’m sure you will be surprised) Ta Da! I found a new day pack! With ELEPHANTS on it. In my defense, my other one was falling apart at the seams.image


So here are my photos of my journey. Granville Street has looked better but so do most of us on Dec.27, eh?

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Project: See My Town As A Tourist

  1. I love your backpack travelling crone! Looks like the perfect item to inspire the next journey.(I’m not sure if I’m looking at it wrong but i don’t think your slide show is functional?)


  2. I just love that backpack. It’s not easy dialing back the clock to look at our city with fresh eyes. Especially for those of us who travel far and often. Your photos give an idea of the day to day. I dig that neon bowling sign.


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