And So the Adventure Begins

Dateline: Jan.25/18 San Marcos la Laguna , Guatemala

Big dreams are tough to believe when they actually come true… especially when they are not a one event kind of dream.

My big dream has a few layers:

  1. I would retire
  2. I would be healthy
  3. I would have enough money to travel
  4. That I would travel full time

Well so far I am 4 for 4 but it is only day 2, so early days.


I am exhausted from weeks of disassembling and shrinking my Vancouver life down to fitting into a small locker and closet. Physically and emotionally it has been tough so I am going to just let myself heal and get my feet under me before flinging myself into the role of intrepid traveller. For now I am going to be just little ol’ me under a quilt in a hammock.

San Marcos is fascinating, full of new age hippies/hipsters living along side Mayan Indians who are more than willing to lighten the weird gringos’ wallets and smile without giving an inch of their culture up to do so. There will be no assimilation here folks LOL. All week the village behind us have been celebrating the Fair of San Pablo which involves an impressive amount of gun powder! My host insists it is fireworks but it sure sounds like artillery, especially since the sound bounces off the volcanoes. I worry they will wake the Fire Goddess. It goes on during the day but gets more intense when it gets dark. Yah! A little disconcerting, even the dogs get startled into howling at the really loud ones late at night.. and they are a very laid back crew!

The thing that is driving me nuts is my freaking duffle… it is, in spite of my best efforts, way too heavy. Like I can’t pick it up, heavy. This is corroding my self confidence and can not continue. Before I leave San Marcos it will be resolved. All travellers have to rely on the generosity of strangers once in awhile but even more as an older solo woman so having an extremely heavy bag is just not acceptable. It is not like I am participating in bell hop style travel!

That’s it for now… now that I have time I will try to catch up with my other travel stories.. like I haven’t even told you about Salt Spring! I stayed in a freaking schoolie on a organic farm! Hmmm Salt Spring and San Marcos has a lot in common.




17 thoughts on “And So the Adventure Begins

  1. Just to let you know, Paul Sidoo & a friend are riding motorcycles somewhere around Lake Atitlan, you could contact through FB if mutually inclined.


  2. How lovely it will be to think of you snuggled in a quilt in a hammock with your coffee (I hope you have coffee!). It’s a cold and rainy morning in Hope BC but at least it’s not snowing! Enjoy the gunpowder and the howling dogs. It will ever happen again😺


    • How lovely to hear your voice here in San Marcos… hopefully (is that how Hope got its name – its residence hope eternally for spring?LOL) the sun will show itself more and more. Thank you so much for dropping by, hope you come again.


  3. Hi Donnae, So glad to hear you are healthy and living your dream!! Miss you, sorry I wasn’t able to say good-bye, but maybe I’ll see you again someday.


  4. It looks amazing, and I can so see you enjoying that hammock! It’s a wet, grey, and chilly morning in Vancouver – but I spotted the first witch hazel in bloom today, so there’s hope! Pat the doggies for me.



  5. Ha! I can’t believe we never got around to meeting! And now it’s too late. I thought of contacting you from time to time and then life would get in the way and the thought would vanish. Too bad.
    Congratulations on the beginnings of your nomadic travels. I’ve been to San Marcos (briefly) and spent a week in San Pedro where a close friend lives. Both sweet towns.
    We started travelling with 28″ cases, very quickly went to 25″, then down to 21″ carry on size. It won’t take you long to figure out what you don’t need. Happy travels my friend. Have fun!


  6. Intrepid traveler with a cumbersome bag, how can this be?? I know you’ll figure out how to lighten your load. This is a duffel on wheels is it not?


    • Hi Linda!
      Contradiction in terms, eh? Yes it is on wheels and if there tons of bell hops around it would be fine but, alas, no. A mere 7 year old who is still mad at me. Wheels are useless when you need to haul the thing onto boats and trains and dragged down cobblestone streets. I need to return to Vancouver in March and I will leave MUCH lighter.
      Thanks for coming by,


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