Tell-All about my Vacation Fling!

As I spend my last day at Stephanie’s wonderful hide-away I have to face saying goodbye to my vacation lover. This is going to be tough. She hasn’t been far from my side for 7 days and nights and to say I am going to miss her is a foolish understatement.

She’s gone through different names since I arrived. Stephanie called her Sprinkles or some other horridly inappropriate name. (It’s good that she doesn’t seem to mind me renaming her cat). Little Wolf is the one that fits the best. She is a 15 year old Abyssinian vixen who stole my heart.

Tri-pod, the 18 year old 3 legged cat

Tri-pod, the 18 year old 3 legged cat

Normally she lives in the art studio because the white tripod matriarch cat doesn’t like her.

When someone visits whom she deigns worthy then she moves into the guest quarters. Apparently I am worthy. She even brought me ‘gifts’, the bird I couldn’t save (she didn’t look like she was going to share that one anyway) but the wee gecko I did save at which point Little Wolf went and sulked somewhere.

Stephanie was telling me that she is such a busy cat, constantly roaming and investigating the neighbourhood. Often a neighbour will call her and tell her she doesn’t have to feed Little Wolf since he just fed her sausages. While we were talking about her on the patio, I watched her shadow on the wall as she roamed around on the roof!

She certainly doesn’t like the pups, they are just too boisterous so she makes sure she is on top of something high. Oh and she is bonkers for yogurt, seriously rabid about the stuff. We ran out and I worried she was going to ditch me!

Have you ever had a fling with an animal while on vacation? Since she isn’t a stray, this one went much easier that my Costa Rican fling.


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