Stephanie’s Magical Hide-Away

What strange twists of circumstance that landed me here on this wild and wonderful property in the hills of Pretoria! This week was supposed to be spent hugging and caring for baby Vervet Monkeys in the wilds of Tzaneen but sickness drove me back to civilization to recover from all the errant sicknesses that were taking up housekeeping in my body.

The other twist was that I had already been booked at another AirB&B in Pretoria before my flight to Cape Town so the logical thing would have been to just book in there for the extra week but when I tried that the site indicated they were full (they weren’t) so I found Stephanie’s. It was a relief since it was much less expensive than the other one and since this was a surprise cost it sure helped.

And what a ‘here’ it is! High up on a hill overlooking the valley the property is wild and wonderful. There are so many nooks and crannies that it took me all week to discover them all and I suspect there are still even more. This is what I love about AirB&B, these marvellous opportunities to experience a location on a whole different level. And when you luck out and get someone like Stephanie who oozes compassion and goes out of her way to make you feel safe and secure and cared for when you’re sick, well hotels just don’t come close.

Being here has meant so much to me and I feel like I have made a friend for life. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your world with me. ❤

There’s a lot of photos but I wanted to share some of the beauty of her world with you.

*Click on any photo in the albums to start the carousel to see them better.*

The property

My Space

Stephanie’s Space


The Art Studio


If you want more info about Stephanie’s Airbnb:  and if you want to ask me any questions please feel free to contact me:

4 thoughts on “Stephanie’s Magical Hide-Away

  1. Hello Donnae,
    This has been such a wonderful write up, I am speechless. I shared it with my friends on FB, all your little stories about my place in actual fact, and I have never had so many likes!
    Thanks for staying in spite of the rooster, I really enjoyed having you as a guest.
    I hope you and all your blog followers come by again, I am having such a good time – did you see Lana’s FB review? She even mentioned the checklist!
    Much luv and please do stay in touch.


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