The White Towel Has Been Waved and Thrown

I was so hopeful that I had beaten this nasty bug. A day at the spa was just what my imaginary doctor ordered. I felt pummelled and wrapped in mud and filled with wonderful food and wine. I arrived back to the sanctuary moderately filled with vim and mild vigor.

Until I woke in the middle of the night with alternating hot sweats and cold chills. I was literally using my arm as a constant lever with the quilt. And my stomach! FYI: there are 100 steps from my cabin to the outhouse… painful agonizing scary steps in the middle of the night. By the next morning I was nauseous and weak. And done. As in, stick a fork in me, done.

I gave it my best shot but sometimes sheer will just doesn’t win the day. When I crawled on the plane to come to South Africa I believed with all my heart that I could just beat pneumonia with my stubbornness. And to a large extent I did but I think my immune system was so compromised that another bug took advantage and moved in.

So I said my tearful goodbyes to my favourite monkeys and people and decamped to Pretoria where I will stay for a week till I fly to Cape Town, hopefully, in better health than I have now. My current toilet is a mere 11 steps from my bed!! Such luxury.

I am staying in an AirB&B (as usual) and my hostess, Stephanie, has an addiction problem – Japanese Chin dogs. Stop laughing, it is true. When they come at you it is like a moving flokati carpet of blacks, whites and golds!


Tinkles watching me on the toilet. Why do cats do that?

She has also rescued cats, one of which lives in my suite. Her name is Tinkle, I was worried that she had a tendency of doing so but no, so far she’s been well-behaved other than craving attention.

Of course there must be a fly in every ointment and the one here is a rooster. I loath roosters. If I knew she had one I wouldn’t have touched the place with a 10′ pole. Stephanie has promised to put it in a box in the garage every night. She claims that will work. Other wise I may have rooster for breakfast. She said if I can kill it, I can eat it. Now where have I heard that before? LOL

6 thoughts on “The White Towel Has Been Waved and Thrown

  1. Hope you’re better soon Donnae & will be able to enjoy the rest of your adventure. On the bright side, it’s still below zero here!


  2. Hope this finds you feeling somewhat improved. You really must take care of yourself. This is your Granny speaking — seem to have morphed into that persona without all the trouble of having kids and fellers around…….Takes a bit of getting used to, but change is inevitable.

    Thinking of youse and looking forward to hearing all about it when you are closer to home. I’m hanging in there searching out every pleasure left. Like Clyde the po-lice horse whinnying loudly to his bud who was parked next to the vegetable market. They don’t much like clomping around the West End with out a mate. Think they kept some in barns ‘cos of the ice roads and pavement. Love to see the steam huffing from their nostrils in this cold snap.

    luv and hugs,



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