Thai Trains vs Travelling Crone

thai train

I have a system-centric mind and it launched itself on Thailand’s domestic transportation system. The result is a plan worthy of NASA, only time will tell whether I am a genius or someone will have to come find me cowering in a train station in Cambodia.

bangkok station

Bangkok Train Station

So here is what the “mastermind” came up with:

  1. Jan. 10, Thurs. – Fly Hong Kong to Bangkok, arrive 3:50 pm
  2. Jan. 10, Thurs. – Train Bangkok to Chaing Mai depart 7:35
  3. Jan. 11, Fri. – Arrive Chaing Mai 9:55
  4. 2 weeks of elephants elephants elephants!
  5. Jan. 27, Sun. – Fly Chaing Mai to Bangkok depart 4:20, arrive 5:25
  6. Jan. 27, Sunday – Train Bankok to Suratthani, depart 7:30
  7. Jan. 28, Mon. – Arrive Surratthani 6:27
  8. Jan. 28, Mon. – Bus to Donsak to catch 9am ferry to Ko Samui, taxi to Mae Nam beach to catch the 12:00 longtail taxi boat to Than Sadet Beach on Koh Phangan.
  9. Feb. 1, Fri. – somehow do it in reverse, catching the train from Suratthani to Bangkok at 6:20 pm.
  10. Feb. 2/13, Sat. – Arrive Bangkok 6:05am
  11. Feb. 2/13, Sat. – Fly Bangkok to Hong Kong 10:45am, arrive at 2:30pm.
  12. Feb. 2/13, Sat. – Fly standby Hong Kong to Vancouver.

Isn’t it cute how they make it :05, :55 etc as if they truely believe that Thai trains could be so accurate? Bless their hearts. It is a good thing there are so many temples in Thailand, I will have lots of places to pray that they are even close to those times.

In theory this looks pretty do-able, right? Right? This is another reason I will need to pack light, it is never a pretty sight – a crone stumbling along trying to run with a mountain of suitcases to catch a train/plane/ longtail… whatever.


2nd class sleeper by day

2nd class sleeper

2nd class sleeper by night

Map of Thailand

Soooo have you participated in the Thai transportation  system? What do you think of my timetable? I’d love to hear about your stories, drop me a line.

7 thoughts on “Thai Trains vs Travelling Crone

  1. Well, I’ve done a bit of Thai public transport in my time, and I must say, they were pretty good with being on time. The conditions were… a little less to be proud of, but all I can say in that regard is this: don’t EVER travel in Third Class…
    Trust me :0)


    • Good to hear Tony, I just keep sitting here staring at that schedule and shaking my head. Should be interesting. Yeah, about that 3rd class thing, that’s not going to happen, those seats just look too hard for my crone ass. What was your favorite memory of train travel there?


      • I loved the way vendors sell all kinds of weird food-stuff to you at every stop – directly through the windows in third class, as there isn’t any glass in them… Of course, the downside is you have to watch everyone seated opposite you shovel down their banana curry at close range. And then, if you’re sitting next to the toilet like I was, you get to experience them all getting rid of it a few hours later in similarly intimate conditions… :0)


  2. You are brave to travel like a busy bee crone !
    I travelled on that train from Bangkok to Surat Thani. First class though. Not the experience I thought I was paying for. Buy one of those wire meshes you can get from mountain equipment coop and use this on your backpack at night when you attempt to sleep. I suggest reading trip advisors forum on train rides . Regardless your destinations are going to be beautiful . I can’t wait to compare photos and experiences with you .


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