“My Name is Donnae and I am a Lugga-holic”

As most of you know the mantra of all 12-step programs is to admit you have a problem in order to stop the addicted behaviour. My addiction is luggage. There I said it but I suspect it won’t be going away any time soon, no matter how many times I confess. I love shopping, buying, researching – luggage!  Don’t judge.

See, during every trip I figure out the flaws in my “system” and before the trip is even over my brows furrow in concentration and I stare at the offending bag(s) until I come up with a solution. Then I spend the between trip time hunting down just  the right bag that will make my new system complete.

One thing that became obvious very early on is that I loath anything heavy on my back and shoulders. I would like to publicly pledge my undying gratitude to Mr. Bernard Sadow, who, in 1972 invented wheeled luggage. Without his genius I would have had to foster a strapping young man to shlep my shit all over the world. kidding.

This past trip to Costa Rica, my first solo trip, shone a glaring light on a serious flaw in my luggage choices. When travelling alone volume matters way more than when you have a partner – if all your luggage doesn’t fit in a typical bathroom stall/long drop then you’ve  got yourself a major problem. Lets face it if bags can “disappear” when  standing next to them, just imagine how fast they would go if you’re not!

The trip to Costa Rica involved so much luggage that taking a local bus was a nightmare so I was restricted to Turismo Autobus, which, while pretty nice, was way more expensive. Also, if you remember, the airline forgot my bags on the tarmac in Denver. So this time I am committed to 1 roller and 1 medium backpack, and I am going to have no checked luggage. Really. I can do this. Every one pray for me. :}

So here are the pieces I own:


So do you have a luggage system/problem? I’d love to hear about them, write me.

4 thoughts on ““My Name is Donnae and I am a Lugga-holic”

  1. Love this Donnae–you are so imaginative! Enjoyable piece –lightened my “hate the world ” mood–can’t sleep–went to bed at 12 hoping to get up and make the gym at nine–of course can sleep any other time! I want one of those back packs on wheels–my Mom has one and they just look so handy! Thanks for the laugh.


  2. I really thought i was the only person to obsess and spend hoursliterally hours thinking up the “perfect” bag . Feel so much better now, thanks. BY the way my best tip if buying wheeled luggage is to make sure it has 4 wheels, it just trundles along beside you and you dont get sore arms from pulling it along behind you, especially hate the 2 wheeled ones that twist uncontrollably on bumps. Wwarning about backpacks, if they are two wide you’ll be knocking peope out every time you turn around on public transport . Bon voyage(s)


    • haha, no Oz girl you are NOT alone… 1 week in and I am trying to figure out why my damn bag is so freaking heavy! Sure glad those zippers are the gonzo ones, I can not get one more pair of gitch in there. Thanks for dropping by. :}


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