Week 1 done – Whew!

(obviously this is out of order… sorry but I had no internet at the time)

Where to start… well first I have found one of the tiny bits of the world where internet is this finicky, so obviously I haven’t been very communicative. Plus I have been so freaking busy,  asleep at 9 & up at 6.

My family is amazing – Rosi & Fabio, children – Jorge, Oscar & Laura. Kids are 16 years + so there are no whining involved… though I am sure that Rosi’s children never did that. She is so so so… her heart and mind are so open it really has been moving to share their home because she is truly a matriarch so as she is so is her family. Over the last year she has had about 22 people stay with them from all over the world and I am confidant that everyone loves her as much as I do. I am sure that some of you were concerned about how I would make out staying with a family since I don’t even like B & B’s… (well so was I!) but Rosi has made it such a positive experience. It is hilarious when we are trying to communicate in the evenings since we don’t speak each other’s language, the English/Spanish dictionary is flying back and forth over the island counter and our hands and facial expressions do double duty. The other night she grabbed my Lonely Planet book by mistake & was wildly flipping through it looking for a word! We laughed so hard we were almost on the floor!

The Family! Jorge, Fabio, me, Rosi, Oscar & Laura.

Ana Lia in the classroom.

Monday to Friday from 8-ish to 12-ish I go  to my little school room at Proyecto Asis to have Spanish with Ana Lia, a woman who deserves saint-hood for her patience with me. I found myself pulling the “distract her with my witty repartee so she doesn’t know I am panicking” technique. She always manages to nudge me back on track without being anal about it. She also laughs at my  English jokes but never at my Spanish efforts.

At 10 we go and have coffee at the dining room beside the Caiman pool. There is the parrot, Loo La, who if given enough encouragement will break out into song – “Lo La Mate, Lo La Mata”. As close as we can come it means “I must kill you…” So they are convinced that this bird witnessed a murder at her previous home.:} There are the wonderful assortment of dogs and cats that the center has rescued all more than willing to take my cookie off me – free of charge! Generally a visiting tour will be having their coffee too so there is always someone interesting to talk to and someone always advises me that I am a very lucky woman. Duh!

Lunch is a tasty bean and rice creation by the amazing Rosi surrounded by my adoring public – the dogs and cats. If I can’t finish the food I take the left overs over to the Spider Monkey cage and give it to them. I can also snag some fruit from the food shed and bribe LooLa to sing.

Tenienta & Perla the Picary

Lunch over I now belong to the animals… well actually to Teniente (which means lieutenant … but he is more like the general!) in charge of the animals plus

Byron, his Sargent. Teniente is a rock star when it comes to those animals! To watch him cuddle the Spiders and the White-Faced monkeys is to watch a man who is exactly where he was made to be.

One thought on “Week 1 done – Whew!

  1. Hello,
    I am so impressed little buddy.
    Can’t wait till you get home so we can share stories and wine!
    Take care,


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