sick sick sick…

Well it had to happen some time, right? I mean I am awfully causal about what I eat (if I hear one more warning about ceviche I am going to scream…ok it could have been that but I’m betting on Jorge’s greasy scrambled eggs).

All I know is I’m sick – achy, headache, nausea and really, really weak sick. I managed to wobble home on the Pink Panther and crawl under the covers to whimper in self-pity. Not so much though that I didn’t count my blessings:

1. For the doctor who gave me the ‘script for antibiotics unasked.
2. For whatever I have is not as bad as some I have seen, really it is a mild bug that will lay me low for a few days and not the gut ripping expulsion that I have witnessed in others. (ie poor, poor Kerry oh and Dawn…)
3. That I don’t have anything to deal with right now like buses or borders or planes.

That said- this sucks. definitely on the negative side of travel, let a lone travelling alone. But I am happy to report that I will live, only because I couldn’t write this yesterday  when I was at my worse. Today I am filled with cautious optimism.

( I didn’t think you guys would appreciate any pictures in this posting.)

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