And so it starts….

At the end of a grueling shift my heavy feet make their way out of work. Feeling a bit like a rat on a wheel, I look forward to the brief respite of sleep.

My brain suddenly pops and floods with endorphins when I realize after months and months of waiting..

This time next month I will have the scent of African horses in my nostrils, the salt of the Indian Ocean on my lips and the Mozambique sun on my skin.

In one stride my walk lightens and a silly smile is plastered on my face.

The joy of travel is more than the few weeks or even months that we are physically away.

2 thoughts on “And so it starts….

  1. I can relate fully! One month to go and with a bit of luck I can sink my feet into the sand of the Sicilian coastline and immerse myself in the Mediterranean Sea, (even if it is a bit cold by then). And that thought can carry me through any amount of workplace shit. 🙂


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