The Gift of Travel

Having a bit of a lull writing wise but came across this extraordinary couple who live the nomad life and are thriving. The fact they are in their late 60’s/ early 70’s make them all the more interesting.

Meet Alison and Don!

Meet Alison and Don!

I want to share their magic so here is a link to an article written in Retirement and Good Living website about them.

The Gift of Travel

Don turned 65 in October 2007 and thoughts of wanting to retire and travel more began to take precedence over his former enthusiasm for his work as a private-practice neuropsychologist…

You can read their blog here:

Let me know what you think. Could you do this for your retirement?

See you soon.

8 thoughts on “The Gift of Travel

  1. Fantastic! A place to settle? How about Earth. What a privilege to be able to go and see it. Many people of many cultures will never get past their own village. I’ve never had much money, but decisions and the willingness to leap of the threshold of ‘safety’ have meant that I’ve seen a lot of my own country, plus a few other ones, and met people I never would have met otherwise. There’s not an iota of regret about it for me. Only fabulous memories and photos and a broader mind.

    I still don’t live in a house – I live in a large horse trailer. I have great respect for those that do house-dwell, and respect for the fact that that’s what brings them happiness. I personally choose not to be ensnared by convention, as it just isn’t right for me, and I live a life somewhat outside the square because that’s where my happiness lies. And living a fairly basic life also means that I can squirrel money away and go visit other parts of our beautiful planet every now and again.

    My father still shakes his head at me, his unconventional offspring, as do most of my family. But they always want to see my photos and hear about my adventures.

    We’re here for a finite amount of time. We owe it to ourselves to discover what gives us happiness and walk with that, if at all possible. Let’s not wait around too long to do so.

    It’s lovely to see that these two have done just that, and I wish them untold happiness, and take my hat off to them for daring to do it, and also for being shining examples to others who may be a little shy of taking leaps of faith. 😀

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