Breaking news: Tulsa, Oklahoma Starts Sex Education Classes!!!!

Yes, you heard it here… maybe not first but 3 days after. The headline reads

“Tulsa Schools to Include Sex Education in Regular Curriculum For the First Time!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my emphasis)”

Seriously? Oddly it has the 4th highest teen birth rate in the nation. Colour me stunned!


“83% of Oklahoma’s teen births are to unmarried mothers.”

I’m frankly surprised that 13% were married, being that pregnancy is the #1 motivator of teens TO  marry.


“I think ignoring the issue is something we don’t have the luxury of doing any longer,” Kim Schutz, director of the Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, told KOTV.

Uh I don’t think you ever had that luxury, more like you just had ignorance to guide the way.

Credit: jupiterimages

Credit: jupiterimages


So sarcasm aside, I am all for cheering this cutting edge educational radicalism but it starts to fall apart about here:

“Parents will have ability to choose whether or not their children enroll in the course.”

Does anyone else see a problem here?


The article ends with this belly-laugh inducing  fyi:

“The Department of Health and Human services ranks Oklahoma’s teen birth rate behind that of Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico. And Alabama also does not mandate sex education; and while Mississippi and New Mexico do, the classes are not required to be medically accurate, (emphasis by moi) according to the Guttmacher Institute.”

What the F***K do they mean, not required to be medically accurate? I don’t know about you, but I want a copy of that text book. I googled that and got some interesting sites. I think I am missing the gene that allows me to believe that ignorance is an intelligent option.


Now I am sure that I have read more astounding articles (being an avid reader, surely? ) but I just can’t be sure. I actually had to check the date on the article twice to make sure it hadn’t happened in 1960, but nope – Sept 4/2013. And, it is a pilot study… a pilot study. (shaking my head, clucking my tongue, rolling my eyes, head exploding) Yup, we don’t want to get too radical now, got to proceed carefully because… why? Are they really still scared that sex education will actually cause teen sex? Kind of like if we allow teachers to talk about homosexuality, it will cause orgies in the gym bathroom? Do they still not understand that teens are born knowing how to have sex? Hormones flooding the plains and *poof* no need for a hand book. Of course they don’t know how to have good nor safe sex. Just enough information to build a human or get a disease for their significantly shortened life… or both.

Having read the article I leaped to FB but realized that I just couldn’t cram it all into that little space. If you want to read the whole thing it is at Huffington Post, of course. (is there any real need to go anywhere else for news?)

The abstinence method worked well for Bristol, eh?

The abstinence method worked well for Bristol, eh?

This is all likely way more than you wanted to know about Oklahoma’s failed abstinence program, but heh! Now you’re more informed than the average teenager there.

7 thoughts on “Breaking news: Tulsa, Oklahoma Starts Sex Education Classes!!!!

  1. I find this frustrating also. My eldest is 13. They like to scare her at school by saying sex will basically make you have AIDS, Herpes, and a baby so don’t ever do it. Yeah. I had to explain to her that there was something called birth control and if you find someone you care for you can get tested for diseases. Ugh.


      • yeah I’m in the Bible Belt. I mean they tell them sex stuff to scare them, but nothing about b.c. She told my daughter that boys can just look at them and get erections. My daughter said “I didn’t need to know that.”


        • hahaha I love that: “I didn’t need to know that.” Good one. She is lucky to have Alice as her mom.

          I was asked to sign a petition against this woman who wants the school board to ban Anne Franks Diary because some of it made her daughter uncomfortable. ARGHHHH Part of my comment was that people like her made me uncomfortable but so far I can’t ban her. I would hope it would make her uncomfortable, that’s kinda the point, eh?


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