Epiphany #3569

Epiphany #3569 (what can I say, I love me a good epiphany) – I am NOT a multi-tasker matter how hard I try. Oh, I can putter with the best of them, creating a vortex of meaningful surrounded by a storm of trivial. But playing twister with multiple complex tasks,  I just can’t. Without intent, I submerge myself into the latest and greatest, experiencing mere wisps of guilt for abandoning the rest. Even idle, my inner mumblings are only of IT. I can barely stretch to include the funder of all these projects: employment. Even there my mind is mauling IT.

So what is the latest IT? I mentioned it in passing on fb; I bought a condo! And have decided to rent it out! Since I am so far out of my comfort zone I need my passport, I decided it fit right into my travel blog. 😉

The stress has manifested in gaining 4 lbs. and a shortness in both breath and temper. The day before closing, when my lawyer’s asst. told me at 2pm how much more I had to pay by 10am the next day (while I was at work) I slipped into a ‘take-no-prisioners’ kind of mood. No one (except my customers) escaped my wraith – lawyer assistant, mortgage broker, other drivers etc. That bill represented a lot of hogs at the trough that once was my bank account. Hogs who had no business at my hard-earned pennies (guess it’s nickels now). The government most of all for doing NOTHING. Bastards. Ok I have to admit I have some control issues and nothing send me over the edge faster than when I feel like a puppet whose strings are being yanked.

The learning curve was fast and furious and of no help until the next time I buy. For example:

  • Consider the neighbourhood. For example, in Vancouver Yaletown is better than downtown for all the wanna-bes  lining up to rent expensive furnished studio so they too can have a cool address and not have to spend $ on cab fare after spending too much on liquor at the trendy clubs.
  • Clean the apt. before you buy, especially when you have a monkey mind like I do and frankly, I think everyone has one of those when spending over 300,000 for 500 sq. ft. (shudder) Cleaning focuses the mind on the details, the scraps and bumps, the design flaws (what the fuck were the designers thinking leaving a 1/4 inch between the cupboards and the wall? People who have never cleaned in their lives, that’s who. You also see how cheap can masquerade as chic.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think I’ve done good but I paid a high price in terms of stress for the education and have abandoned writing and pottery in the meantime. But as soon as I get this puppy rented I am back. (I guess, cause I am sitting in Starbucks writing this on my phone, I must be already back. Hmmm maybe this weekend I’ll get my hands into the mud again.)

Well I got it rented – YAH! Now comes the stress of trusting that the tenant won’t destroy all that I have in the world. It feels weird, just trusting a stranger like this. I’ve already tormented my real estate agent with these worries. It’s worth it if all works according to plan it will enable me to travel extensively after I retire in 5 years, so there’s a lot riding on this bronco. Stay tuned.

Have you ever bought an income property? How is that working for you? Tips? Gawd, I could use me some tips.

Aren’t you just dying to see pictures? Yeah I bet you are.

10 thoughts on “Epiphany #3569

  1. Gorgeous place Donnae! This stranger is lucky and would have to be out of their mind to ruin this place! You’ll be fine I’m sure, the worst stress is behind you.


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