How Do You Choose Your Vacation Location?

How do you choose where to go on a trip? Do magazine articles with their glossy photos grab your imagination. Can you suddenly see yourself on that beach, in that bikini, with that guy/girl? How about word of mouth? Well that’s how I decided in 2012 to go to Costa Rica… the words and feelings…

The photo is blurry because the little bugger wouldn't stop moving!

My Worse Travel Experience.

Remembering the worse travel experience. There we were two women alone in the wilds of Africa with some twit trying to rip us off. Don’t worry, it all ends well :) There were gorillas and drinks and wonderful Uganda!

Zanzibar Zen

Zanzibar Zen

We came off the plane into a wall of moist heat, forcing us to gasp for air. Our sweat mixed with the red Serengeti dust that still clung to our skin, creating a slick coat of mud. Seven days on safari in northern Tanzania had us in dire need of some mindless R&R and we were hoping to find it on a Zanzibar beach.