My Upcoming Itinerary

Thought I’d share some of the up coming madness that will be my life for the next few months.

Aug. 4 – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Aug. 6 – Flight to Cape Town

Aug 9-24 – Hermanus, South Africa, pet sit

Aug 25 – Flight to Tel Aviv, Israel

Aug 26-Oct 17 – Jerusalem, Israel pet sit

Oct 18 – Flight to Johannesburg, South Africa

Nov 2 – Flight to Maun, Botswana

Nov 2-16 – Safari Botswana

Nov 16 – Flight to Namibia

Nov 17- Dec 1 Camping Road Trip Namibia

Dec 2 – Flight to Johannesburg, South Africa

Dec 11 – 18 – Port Elizabeth pet sit.

= 36,075 kilometers (and that’s not counting all the kilometers I will chew up wandering lost in Namibia)

OHMYGAWD! What have I done?!

“The Flying Traveller” by Patrick Amiot & Brigitte Laurent at YVR

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