Water Politics in Small Town Mexico

April 10th – May 10th, 2018

I am getting a peek at what it is like to live in small town Mexico and I’d like to share that with you. Even though it is a huge tourist area, Punta de Mita have managed to retain much of its roots.

I didn’t have a picture of the old or the new water guy or even of the water jug so you get a pic of Dianne’s VW

A large segment of the commerce  of Punta de Mita is mobile – wheels… 4, 2 – motor/feet, whatever. Fish, pastries, chicken, car washing, and water.

Everyday, all day long the water guy in a small rusty pickup truck meanders up and down the streets of Punta de Mita, honking his horn… a lot and loudly. There’s a guy at the end of my dead-end street that gets so pissed at him for the noise so much sometimes he can’t resist and he’ll yell at water guy, “Silenco (and some other words google doesn’t know)!” To which water guy sits for awhile playing tunes on the horn. I yell at him too but he can’t hear me.


This guy is large, barely fitting behind the wheel and for 19 pesos ($1.22can) he lugs the big jug of water up my stairs and puts it exactly where I want it. Every time I worry about him keeling over from the heat and exertion. ( If you ever are in such a situation make sure to have the empty container ready to go… he won’t leave without it no matter how much you wave your arms)

Well the other day I was downstairs and heard the horn and remembered I needed water so I ran out to him but it wasn’t our regular water guy! OHNO! What could I do? Here was this young buck in a fancy little truck with no rust on it at all and what was I going to say? “Uh, no, it’s ok… I don’t need water”. Well I didn’t do that. So he trotted the jug of water up the stairs – trotted! I could barely keep up!

But now I feel like a traitor and I swear old water guy knows I should be needing water by now and he keeps sitting outside our gate honking the horn. sigh I would buy another one from him but I don’t have an empty jug to give him. Who knew water could get so complicated. Now all I have to do is avoid him for 5 more days… at least I can hear him coming LOL


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