The Woman in the Burqa

This amazing writer nailed (in my humble opinion) how I’ve been feeling around the subject of censorship in the name of the politically correct police. I am all for sensitivity to others but we’ve gone waaaayy past the rational. Hope you read this excellent post. Thank you Kristene, for writing it and for allowing me to share it with my peeps.

The Coconut Chronicles

“We’ve already been killed, all of us. It happened so long ago, we’ve forgotten it.” ~ Yasmina Khadra, Swallows of Kabul 

I waited for the furor of the Charlie Hebdo massacre to die down before I wrote this post. Like everyone else, I was horrified and saddened by the killings. Unlike so many others, I did not leap up in outrage and solidarity, raise my pen or pencil, and declare Je suis Charlie! When I saw the world leaders, arms linked, defending freedom of speech, I was angry, but not at the murderers. You see, every day, freedom—basic freedom—is denied and the world lets it happen. Those of us who question the instrument of this oppression are branded as disrespectful or biased—even if we speak out in defense of our own. Even if “our own” constitutes half of the human race.

But let me stop here and tell you…

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