Whoa! Wheels Rock a Vacation!

I don’t think I have ever had the use of a car on vacation and I am hooked! The pups and I have been tearing around the country side, exploring the nooks and crannies of the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. Me taking endless pictures and them christening… well everything really. In fact we were in the tourist center in Puget Théniers where the young woman gushed over the little darlings; they were basking in the attention when Bogart proudly lifted his leg and had a wee on the inside fountain. Ok to be fair, it was made of outside stone and it was close to the open door, so you can certainly see how a mistake could be made. Their new fan was very gracious and gestured not to worry about it, she would handle it. Isn’t it amazing how well we can communicate without the spoken word? Ok, lots of spoken, not so much understood spoken. What is funny is how even when people realize they don’t speak the same language they will continue to speak in their language, like if they keep speaking French, sooner or later I will learn it. Sorry, it will be later, much later.

Lac de Castillon, France

Lac de Castillon, France

Back to the subject at hand – mobility. I have obviously managed in the past without a car but I think about being here, in the country where you can’t even walk anywhere, well it would be downright claustrophobic! Especially for 4 weeks! Dogs or no. To have the independence to poke around discovering little out the way places, to decide to turn left at the last moment, lured by the stunning colour of a lake is priceless. And of course to have the company of 2 charming Westies is 2 cherries on top.

Pud: "Did you say TREAT?!, I'm sure I heard treat!"

Pud: “Did you say TREAT?!, I’m sure I heard treat!”

I have noticed having a dog along when I am alone allows me to do things more comfortably. For some reason while I am fine alone, it feels more right with a dog. Am I the only one who feels like that? And these guys are so good at listening to me yammer away, they look right into my eyes (which, let’s face it is better than a lot of people) and they listen. It is amazing. Sometimes they even get the reaction right, granted it is mostly when the word treat is mentioned. And I am getting so much enjoyment from being able to take them everywhere. To go to a restaurant in North America they make such a fuss when you try to bring in a dog. In fact in  Vancouver you can’t even have them on the restaurant patios! Bogart and Pud have the best restaurant manners you will ever see, certainly better than most children and many adult humans. They quietly lay under a chair and have a snooze and will even tolerant the attentions of little people who wander by. Interesting how the French have survived allowing dogs everywhere and as far as I know they no more suffer from illness than we do. Harrumph.

I do believe that more dog/house-sitting is in my future, not to mention obtaining a vehicle while on vacation. Have you done any dog/house-sitting? What do you think about having a car when you are travelling?

7 thoughts on “Whoa! Wheels Rock a Vacation!

  1. Your posts always make me laugh. and I know about Bogart and no pee filter lol…. Must say you have explored more country than I did. Be warns though – westies can never be trusted in a new environment without their leads. They have hunter instinct and no amount of shouting at them will make them return. Ask M about this. I was in puget with them at the car park. They saw a cat and I had the biggest heartache thinking I would never see them again. Get a longer leash. Pud is THE HUNTER!!!! lol
    As for cars – I will never consider a sit in a rural area without one.


    • The off leash thing was Mike’s idea and I only do it in the wild or when we went up to the Citadel where there was no traffic and they couldn’t go anywhere. They have been amazing off leash, sticking close and always watching me. Of course I would not do it in town or anywhere near traffic. 🙂


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