The Pre-trip Week Luggage and Angsting Workout.

In other words this is a dog’s breakfast of a post.

512px-France_Flag_Map.svgIn 6 days I am off on my next adventure – doggy sitting in the south of France… for a month! I KNOW, doesn’t that just sound like the yummiest project EVER?  I must say I am tickled pink. The dogs are Westies and their names are Bacall (Pud) and Bogart and I have been wanting to meet them for over a year. Don’t worry you will get to read all about it and get lots of pictures of the Highnesses.

Of course there are challenges, like I don’t speak any French and every time I open my mouth in a foreign country Spanish comes out. The other issue is that M., the guardian of the 2 fur balls had a change of plans and  isn’t going to be away and in fact I will be sharing the house with him and his girlfriend. I will still be taking care of the Westies but now with company. It is sounding like way too many people for my liking but the ticket is bought and I’m going, that’s that. I’ll just have to deal.

After such a long break in writing I am to the point where I need to write something anything. I have a lot to say but unsure it needs/should be said? Does that make sense? Boils down to 1 word – insecure. One of the things I will be doing whilst in France is an online writing course from Gotham Writing School and I am hoping it will help me overcome some of those insecurities and it should be a fun thing to do while I am spoiling those cute little critters.

Of course I am going through my usual baggage stress (seems like a theme, eh? baggage, get it?), this having its own particular challenges – France in Oct. for a month, in the mountains means way more clothing is required. Right now it is consistently above 20c but as we all know this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere is only reliable in its volatility. I’ve decided to use a duffel I inherited from K’s husband, a new wheeled back-pack and my little faithful yellow back-pack. The duffel is jammed packed and ended up almost at my weight limit -yikes!


Well there you have pre-trip week, oh and of course I had to work and squeeze in a MD treatment – oh what a “treat” that is. GAK.

6 thoughts on “The Pre-trip Week Luggage and Angsting Workout.

    • Thank you my dear, glad you enjoyed my ramblings. I like your blog to and look forward to amusing bon mots (I am doing my best to flaunt the little french I have but I fear I am massacring the poor thing) coming from your corner of the world. 🙂

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  1. Nice to hear from you again. You like your solitude too? Maybe the owners could be persuaded to make impromtu travel plans … Best of luck with your new adventure!


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