A Dear John Letter to Mr. Godaddy

Ok so it sometimes takes me a while to get with the program. This would be one of those times.

godaddy-ceo-elephantsApproximately 3 years ago Mr.Bob Parsons, CEO and founder of GoDaddy.com decided to shoot and kill an elephant in Zimbabwe. He video taped the night hunt including the killing shots. There was also the now infamous shot of him standing over the body, gun in hand grinning. We watched  the villagers, sporting Godaddy hats,  cheering when the animal died and then descend on the body, stripping it down to the bones.

You know, a typical vacation vid everyone loves to put up on FB or youtube.

The resulting fury by animal activists was of tsunami proportion. Mr.Parsons was surprised when it actually started to affect his business. Misunderstood, he wanted to set the record straight. See, we just don’t understand the situation in Africa, these damn elephants are causing some serious damage which results in hunger because of their insistence on eating and moving around. He was just helping. He was a hero.

head exploding

But shit happens and I get distracted. Plus my account with Godaddy was on auto-renew, so easy not to pay attention.

But then I got an email from Godaddy warning me that my visa card had expired and that I should get right on it and send them my new one. What’s that? Mr.Parsons needs more money from me so he can go rescue a bunch of Africans from starvation. head up assFinally I get my head out of my ass and get with the program. The fog lifts and I start doing some research.

So here I am, a passionate animal advocate paying money to a known animal slaughterer. Nice work Crone. Well people, no more.

Dear Mr.Parsons;

I have a problem with your extracurricular activities. Killing elephants disturbs me.

In addition to  killing that elephant you then compounded your sins with issuing a defensive condescending missive. You say you were just trying to help the villagers save their crops from being destroyed and causing starvation. Really? The fact is  they were living in what used to be an amazing fertile country until President Mugabe moved into office. Since then he has raped and pillaged his country to decimation. It will be a miracle if anyone, animal and humans, survive. So if you wanted so much to help the villagers your bullets would have done more good somewhere else.

Watching the video and listening to your defence gives the impression this was a desperate act on the spur of the moment. Yet you have been going to Zimbabwe for 6 years and witnessed first hand the desperation of the people there. Did it ever cross your mind to work with conservation organizations that are on the ground working on ways for humans and animals to co-exist? They are doing this on shoe-string budgets and little government co-operation. But no, you decide to Rambo in and rescue the poor black man. Yah you. Well congratulations Mr.Parsons, you join a proud tradition of foreign, rich, white men eager to teach these poor souls that if you have a problem, the solution blow it to pieces with a gun. Barring that, a machete. The black man has learnt well over the years. The level of violence in some countries of Africa is staggering.

But that kind of solution doesn’t feed into your ego as much does it? That kind of stuff is for those pansies like Bill Gates. No, you’re a MAN!  I can just feel all that testosterone and adrenaline pumping through your system, shit there are no drugs to do that. Oh and we can’t underestimate the rush of having all those villagers cheering and calling your name as their saviour. Damn, I bet you thought your head (both of them) was going to explode with the joy and the power of it.

I am soooo small potatoes, my measly $24 a month for my domains won’t even rate a blip on  your billionaire radar. But it means a lot to me. I donate money every month to organizations that work hard to save animals from death and torture. The thought of my money going to support your activities makes me nauseous. And it isn’t just that you slaughtered a magnificent animal for nothing, it is your attitude that I find even more disturbing. Your attitude towards the people of Zimbabwe. That is bone chilling. You are not their saviour, you and your kind through history have been the problem, why that continent continues to struggle. Too many of their leaders learnt your lessons all too well at the cost of their people.

So Mr.Godaddy, colour me gone.bye bye

14 thoughts on “A Dear John Letter to Mr. Godaddy

  1. Oh my God, abominable! I can’t believe that killing those majestic animals isn’t a crime, nor can I comprehend how anyone can do that and consider it sport!
    Your letter was perfect but I doubt it could have penetrated that overblown ego. I wonder how many of his subscribers know about his sport of choice, isn’t there a way to inform them? I think many of them would be interested enough to know that they’re helping to fund his hobby.


    • Yeah, it was a pretty big thing 3 years ago and when I did my research a couple of the other companies offered deals if people wanted to leave GoDaddy, which I’m sure happened a lot. Now I think this has faded into the background of others doing worse, you know?
      Thanks for the comment and for dropping by. 🙂


    • Yeah, it did feel good. It’s been like a little pea in the Princess And the Pea, you know? Itty bitty irritate niggling in my brain trying to get my attention and that email notice just blew it out into the light. KaBam!


  2. Gosh ! I use their service as well!

    It’s amazing to watch these “white” folk go into rural lands like these! Claim that they are serving the community ( some say they are providing meat for a starving community) and have the locals support their “heroic acts”! To manipulate people with words , play on their educational lack, speak to them through bloodshed — is very disturbing to watch…… But I guess no one with lack of money and education is going to stop someone who has millions to throw away ( pay the right people to arrange such barbaric acts) and who apparently has the “knowledge” to know better on how to save a starving community! Sick Bastards! Yes MR CEO you are a sick bastard !!!!


  3. Better late than never – thank you for making the switch! We changed when all the hubbub was going on and other companies were offering great incentives. The individual amounts of money might be small, but it felt good to collectively take a stand.


  4. Terrific letter. A also do not approve of hunting down these beautiful animals for personal ego, gain, or profit. It’s so sad, wrong, and should be stopped. Just not right.


  5. Thank you for following me! I just checked out your blog and reciprocated the favour. Next updates on my blog, I’d like to add you to my blogroll. I really love this post and agree with you in every respect. Shared.


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