Warning: politic Alert

(the small p was intentional.)

As a traveller I believe that political trends are like pollution, sooner or later they are going to wash up on our shores. Because of that (and so much more)  I tend to react to disturbing news concerning my sisters in other  countries. Brazil has me disturbed. Now I must admit I haven’t paid much attention to their politics, I find that I really have to moderate the amount of news I allow into my world else I find myself in the fetus position, whimpering, surrounded by a black fog.

Funny (and not in a ha ha sort of way) I use the word ‘fetus’  cause that, at least on the surface, is the topic of concern today. Brazil, because the religious right have infiltrated the government, having decided to strip the women of their country of their right to choose whether to abort the fetus growing inside their bodies or not. They are voting on a bill that will give said fetus full rights of a living person. I’m sure you can ascertain what I think of such a move.

How I heard of this proposed law is from an article posted on the Outier Collective website http://theoutliercollective.wordpress.com (sadly no longer available), who, in their words:

Each week, we choose a topic. Usually something in the news, almost always something controversial. We invite two bloggers to weigh in on the weekly topic, in whatever way they choose. The results are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes passionate, always thought-provoking.

This week seven writers will be sharing their thoughts on Feminism, from what the “F” word means to them, to a v-log on patriarchy.The first one is Abortion and a Revolution by Nicole Froio from Brazil… guess where I got the inspiration for this post from? Yup Nicole. Since she is on the ground in Brazil battling the forces of oppression I will let her eloquent words tell you herself. It is such a thoughtful and un-rhetoric piece, I think you will find it thought-provoking and intelligent. I hope you go check it out and go back each day this week to read all the articles on feminism.

Note: Since the Outier Collective website has been deleted, sadly you can’t go read this excellent article. When I contacted Nicole she said that it is not published anywhere else.

4 thoughts on “Warning: politic Alert

  1. I really feel for the people of Brazil! They are in big trouble with a government that has turned into a dictatorship–scary for them and we should all be compelled to help, not only because it is the right thing to do but also because if we allow our governments to become separate from the people with too much control,we risk the same situation Anywhere in the world.People think it can’t happen here but if you look hard at what is happening in Canada today, there are threads of similarity beginning to unravel.


  2. Brazil has always had it’s share of corruption and dirty politics. Sad to see what is happening there. Sad to see it is happening more and more everywhere nowadays. Thanks for posting this as it’s a subject that needs to be adressed.


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