Last Day in Mexico

Well I am purring a bit with contentment.

On the water taxi in from Yelapa we got treated to a dolphin playing in our bubbles and multiple sting rays leaping into the sunlight.

PV Party on the Beach!

PV Party on the Beach!

Pulled into the dock and PV was in full Saturday frenzy! The beach was full of bodies of all colours and orientation, all committed to having the absolute best time ever! It can’t help but be contagious. I scoot to the ol’ money machine and TA DA! It spits money out! Magic. 🙂

I braved the crowds to wander/bump my way through the Farmers’ Market, enjoying the authentic wares of the artists, artisans and farmers of PV. So wonderful after the deluge of “made in China” crap that is the norm around here. I even got interviewed by a local tv reporter!

Now I am up on the rooftop deck of Joe Jack’s Fish Shack.…..

Clan heads of the McConnell Clan

Clan heads of the McConnell Clan

Oh sorry, the food came, so I dropped you like a hot potato! Sooooo good! I look up while woofing it in and who should I spy with my little eye? Why if it isn’t the infamous heads of the McConnell clan having lunch with some friends a few table away! PV is just so freaking comfortable that way, it takes so little time to make friends and develop favorite little hang-outs and rituals.

I leave at 7:40pm so I’d better be off to cram in a little more of Vallarta charm. Or maybe I’ll order another beer and join my friends. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Last Day in Mexico

  1. Dontcha hate last days of holidays. We’re freezing in London with one more week before we return to freeze in Vancouver. Looking forward to seeing you and your tan sometime after 3 March. We’re staying with friends until we buy a bed. Can’t wait to see Kaja, who is going to have another baby in Aug – Grandma again, Yipee!!


    • Well congrats on the new little one!
      Yeah end of vacation is bit of a skitzy affair, part of me was looking forward to couch and kitties and part was wailing at parting with the lifestyle to which I could easily become accustomed to. Ah well, it’s all good, or mostly. 🙂
      It will be good to see you too!


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