No, the wine is not going with me! :}

No, the wine is not going with me! :}

Seemed to take forever and then *poof*! Snuck up on me, yes it did. But the packing is almost done (honest) and for those of you who are waiting with bated beath to see if indeed I will be able to stick with the Xmas and New Years were mere distractions as I went over and over lists and details in my mind. Doesn’t help that I work for the post office so xmas is usually a write off anyway due to exhaustion. So here I am, days to go instead of months. Once again breathless and straining at the bit to jump off the cliff of an adventure; kind of like starting a new year but with more adrenaline.

One of my challenges this week is that I am not even sure when I am leaving, which is forcing me into  “trust the process” and “trust that it WILL happen” attitudes. I am flying stand-by with my cousin and friend to Hong Kong. We were supposed to go Sat. but the flight was over-booked so we’re aiming for Sunday. Why not add some more stress to the mix.  Cross your fingers for us. :}

In spite of all this I am very excited and really looking forward to this, my 2nd international solo adventure. I feel like I learnt so much during the Costa Rican expedition so I expect to enjoy this trip even more because of it. Expand and let more light in. Breathe. Yup, this is going to rock!

I realized  recently just how much blogging makes  me less lonely. Let’s face it, a big challenge to solo travelling is not having someone to share the adventure with. So thank you so much for coming on my trips with me!

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