TA! DA! Chapter 1… I know you were on the edge of your seats for my photo album…

It has been weeks since I dragged my ass and dirty laundry home and I have been slaving over hundred, nay thousands!, of my photos. Most of the time I am smitten by digital photography, thinking it the bees’ knees but not when I have to sift through the results of my trigger happy finger looking for just the right ONE  photo to express the essence  of a moment. Since there were scads of  moments captured by scads of clicks, well I’m sure most of you can empathize. What also slows the process is the “reminiscing” over each one, smiling, laughing, crying and yelling, “Heh Dawn, check this out!” Then waiting for her to pull herself away from “Criminal Minds” to stare at yet another “cute” picture of a monkey. (pay back is a bitch, do you know how many of her Vervets I have looked at over the years?)


Here it is in all its glory, Chapter 1 as a slide show. After all the slashing it is still a shave over 20 min. but I hope you will hang in there and that you enjoy it. Comments are welcome. I’d also love to see slide shows of your trips, post the link as a comment and I’ll check them out.

4 thoughts on “TA! DA! Chapter 1… I know you were on the edge of your seats for my photo album…

  1. loved watching the photos , slides and videos–was able to sense what the place was really like. It is one thing to read but to see it really brings your adventure to life. The video of the monkeys eating the grasshopper was gross, I have to say! Was hoping to see your little black cat ( I think he was black? ) There was a black cat with a couple others at the center but I don’t think that was the one you took in was it? Any how, quite enjoyed it.


  2. Hi, I have tried to see the slide show many times but all I get is “an error.. sorry.. ” Is there any other link to it? or it would be great if you insert the slide show in this post or next post! Now that I am unable to see it.. I am really at the edge of my seat so as to know what it contains! 🙂


    • Hindupur sorry about the tech-snafoo. You might have to clear your cookies. I just tried it on a friend’s computer and got an error message but when I clicked on the “Click here to go back to Picasa Web Album” at the top of where my slide show should be, it worked fine. sigh. Give it a go, let me know. Some people are having no trouble and others are.


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