Saline Seduction

the path to the beach

 As I write this I am leaning against a pole on a small beach soaking up her energy to replenish mine. Based on people, I could esasily spend many years at Pryecto Asis… if only I could pick them all up and plunk them down right here.

The white edged waves roll in with a quiet crash and then slide in on a gentle whoosh… over and over again in a comforting ever and ever. The sun is slanting in from the right, filtered through a convenient palm tree, softening her already virile amp-age.  I’m guessing I must be facing south since her arc leans forward over our beach all day. It is 7 am and I have the beach to myself… later it will be sprinkled with bodies sporting an array of browns and no doubt, various stages of melanoma. ;}

My host, Wolf, just dropped by, he has had the Playa Chiquita Lodge for 31 years and he still stood here on the beach looking out and smiling – the picture of contentment. He described the ocean as being his base. He told me that years ago he worked hard to turn it all, the beach, above the water and below into a protected reserve. He brooked no exceptions – no one is allowed to boat or fish here, it is sacred. As he said, “It is the German way!” :} Many of you can imagine how I grinned at that!

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