The Passing of an Icon

I got an email concerning The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, the premier women’s  gathering in the world… well at least in North America. It is the feminist version of Burning Man, the over-the-top testosterone orgy in the desert of California.  I have never been but for most of my adult life it has been there, a constant and I have often lightly thought about going but never got around to it. Well they will be celebrating their 40th birthday (!) this August and it will be my last chance to go since it will be the last one.

Lisa, the founder, wrote a post on face book that was eloquent and entirely feminist in the most spiritual of ways; gentle, kind, uplifting and inspiring. Obviously she was sensitive to how women would feel about this news and tried to help them accept her decision. Clearly she hadn’t come to it lightly. But even I, who have never been, am grieving. I can’t imagine what it must feel for the loyal tribe of MitchFest. For me it was comforting to know there was a place, once a year in the wilds of Michigan, that was just for and by women… a safe place where being a woman was celebrated, not for being skinny or pretty or big boobed but just for being a woman. I must say I am a little surprised by how it is affecting me… like having a psychologist you haven’t seen in years but knew she was your backup, goes and dies. Abandoned – Bereft – Regret

So do I go?

I am not sure that I want to be at a wake for someone I never met before – with grief thick and joy bitter-sweet.

Have  you been to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival? Do you have anything like it where you live?

michigan womyn music

3 thoughts on “The Passing of an Icon

  1. Whether you go or not, your reverence and grieving for what it represented is playing out anyway. Maybe new things are afoot as this feminist energy finds new outlets. Go, if it feels good. I think it was Mark Twain that said something to the effect that in the future we will regret the things we didn’t do more than the things we did.


    • Thank you for such a thought-full comment. I appreciate it. The trouble with Twain bit of wisdom is that when you can’t do it all and by choosing one, you choose not to do another. So which will I regret most in that future? LOL no one really knows until it creeps up on us. Whatever I choose it won’t be based on fear but on priorities, likely because of what he said. 🙂

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  2. I’m sad that I didn’t even know about this… because it’s wonderful. we need one in Ohio too – is there one all ready in the Buckeye state that I don’t know about. What else Don’t I know. turns out.. a lot of things. 😉


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