My Bucket List for the Elephant Nature Park

Everyone seems to love doing a bucket list and, as per usual, I have avoided it. Though I have referenced it on occasion there isn’t an actual list. Which begs the question, why is the Crone now doing one? Well cause I want to play in the blog carnival that the Elephant Nature Park is putting on to celebrate their 10th anniversary on their land in Thailand (check out the awesome photo album)… and I pretty much do what they want. 🙂

Before launching into this thing, I am stating a caveot: the sucker can change at the drop of a hat, a glass of wine or a mood.

1. I do feel obligated to state the Elephant Nature Park, even though I have been there. I would go back over and over… especially if I had my own little hut close to Jodi and then we could go sit and draw elephants together…

Elephant Nature Park is a unique project set in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. Established in the 1990’s our aim has always been to provide a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants. The park is located some 60km from the city, and has provided a sanctuary for dozens if distressed elephants from all over Thailand.

2. The Put Foot Rally, the more I write about this thing the more it is growing in me.

The Put Foot Rally is approximately, roughly, sort-of-in-the region of 8000km (give or take a 500kms’ish)…. maybe more… maybe less, travelling across 5 incredible countries (6 if you book a wrong turn and end up in Angola or Kenya… although not advised!).
30 Crews will depart from South Africa, driving in a clockwise direction as they make their way to a Checkpoint in each country over the course of 18 days.

3. Take the B.C. ferry up to Haida Gwaii and hang out on the islands, kayaking, hiking and just meditating on the incredible vib that many claim to have found up there.

A series of islands at the most westerly point of Northern British Columbia, Haida Gwaii is made up of ancient temperate rainforests, quaint villages, secluded inlets, and beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. A place so remote that roads cannot bring you here, yet the warmest of welcomes await once you arrive.

4. Take a road trip through Nanimbia and volunteer at EHRA ( elephant human relations aid) ( They’re celebrating their 10th anniversary too!). Combining my love of elephants and road trips seems a no brainer. One of the things that I have learnt from the few volunteer places I have been is that rescueing animals is not enough, humans that live around these animals need to be helped as well. There is no way we will ever convince a villager that elephants are not his enemy when he is standing beside his stomped home. This organizations seems to really focus on projects that help facilitate good relationships between elephants and humans as well as conservation efforts. Yah them!

Elephant Human Relations Aid is an Namibian registered not for gain organisation (registration number 21/2003/630) which runs an elephant conservation and volunteer project in Namibia, Africa.
EHRA aims to find long-term sustainable solutions to the ever-growing problem of facilitating the peaceful co-habitation between the subsistence farmers, community members and the desert adapted elephants.

5. Spend a year RV’ing across Canada and the U.S. It would be so awesome to have such a large block of time to meander and poke around, discovering the small quiet gems that are often missed when one only has 2 weeks.

6. The Northern Lights. I spent a year in Thompson, Manitoba and some time in La Ronge, Saskatchewan and the Northern Lights got into my blood stream bad. I would be driving up to La Ronge by myself in the middle of winter in my VW bug and they would start to dance. I would literally be in the middle of this amazingly forest and I would turn off the car, get out and stand with my head thrown back, drinking in their magic as they slinked across that frozen sky. A friend from the reserve told me that the Indians believe that if you whistle at them they would suck you up, never to be heard from again. I whistled, but they never came. So I would love to once again, stand in the frozen air and whistle at the Norther Lights of Canada’s north. Watch a sample on youtube so you too can be hooked.

7. Copper Canyon Train in Mexico.  This one has been hanging around in my brain like a worm for a while, time I did it. I love trains so this one through some of the most stunning environment ever is the draw. One of the great things is that you can jump off and on ( but only when they stop, no James Bonding please ) so you can explore the small villages along the route.

8. Chug around Europe and experience their amazing web of train systems and explore the plethora of culture and stuff. I lived for 3 years in Germany growing up and was too young to really appreciate the opportunity, though it was a blast. And they have trains, lots and lots of trains! I feel like I am channeling Sheldon. 🙂

9. Tented safari in Botswana. This stunning country and its wild animals and few tourists has huge appeal. I have experienced Kenya and Tanzania and certainly would enjoy the less crowdedness of Botswana.

So if I win the lottery I could go this way: Africa Exclusive

or this way: African Budget Safari

10. RV’ing around Australia. Its wild west feisty independent eccentric personality has been luring me for a while and I think the best way to experience is with a 4×4 camper! Yee Haw! I am such a sucker for a good ad!

Check out this vid on youtube and see why it is on my bucket list!

“My top 10 bucket list post is a part of Save Elephant Foundation’s blog carnival to celebrate the 10-year anniversary ofElephant Nature Park. Elephant Nature Park is celebrating 10 years of success protecting the Asian elephant, educating tourists and tour operators alike that there is another way for us to interact with these wonderful animals. Please take a moment to visit their website, visit their Facebook, and connect with them on Twitter.”

9 thoughts on “My Bucket List for the Elephant Nature Park

  1. Hi Thanks for your great blog I have learned about so many interesting places from reading it and I admire your courage and independence in undertaking all that travel on your own. I really like that you say it how it is good or bad!.
    especially love the bucket list – you have given me a lot of ideas and hew places to check out with this. I live in a beautiful part of Australia so you gotta come and visit if you make it over here.
    i especially would like to go to the Elephant nature park, now that I know about it through your blogs.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I love travel but it does have its challenges, to be sure and writing about them lightens the load of carrying them by myself. Dear Mela, move heaven and earth to volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park, it will be one of the best things you have ever given yourself! Have you been to their web site? Facebook page? They are celebrating their 10 year anniversary!
      Where in Australia do you live?


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